Free spaces for farmers, ranchers, crafters, artists, cooks, groups Anyone and Everyone

Even professional antique dealers are included for 2019!

Free spaces for regular Nebraskans that make our state great!

Thank you, city folks for visiting the scenic Sandhills!

Thank you, rural folks for shopping locally over the years!

Welcome to Sargent, new antique dealers! We want you back time and time again!

New for 2019, FREE Rent for the NE Junk Jaunt®.

Set up & sell at the June 183FLEA Market and your spot is free for the Junk Jaunt® !


Clean the house and convert unused clutter into CASH
Empty the barn of primitives and turn old stuff into MOOLA
Gardeners exchange your fresh greens for GREENBACKS
Unneeded “Stuff” stuffs your wallet with JACK
Jewelry and coins change into metal COINAGE to spend
Fantastic Artists, turn your skill into CURRENCY
Superb bakers, homemade goodies earn you DOUGH03080
Old cars and motorcycles become drivable  MONEY
Talented crafters, your inventory pile decreases and FINANCES increase
What you sell is only limited by your imagination and State Law. LEGAL TENDER only.
Single sellers/buyers wear a WHITE T shirt at 183FLEA!
183FLEA is a safe fun way to meet someone special. What is more PRICELESS than true love?



Best locations go first!
Sign up today!
Register now!


JUNE 28 29 30 – SEPT 26 27 28 29

Vendors it’s your choice. Flee paying rent! 

Flee to  183FLEA market! It’s RENT FREE!



Abbott Antiques and our Sargent dealer friends, invite you to sell with us at the Antique Capital of Nebraska.

100% FREE

No cost at all. You fill out our registration form online. When you arrive you’ll check in and sign it. We ask that you clean your area of trash and all your stuff prior to leaving.

If it involves a free spot as large or small as I need at 183FLEA, selling at no cost, meeting new people and wholesome friendly fun, count me in!


Please help this Mom and Pop team of two plan ahead. It would be most helpful to know who is attending. We have hundreds of spots available. The HWY 183 frontage spots will be assigned first. The side areas on 183 will be assigned after the frontage areas. The areas on Main Street will be assigned starting with the eastern lots within 1 block of HWY 183.  Daily Check in begins 7AM at 201 S US HWY 183. Please help us help you by signing up ahead of time. We will confirm your appointment via email. If updates are needed we will email you. Reminder email will be sent after Memorial Day. Thank you.

Reserve My Free Space at 183FLEA

4 + 12 =


If you come with a trailer of unwanted primitives, shabby furniture, pinterest project items we have a space as large as you need. Load up that vintage car and haul it to Sargent. If you only have motorcycles to sell, we have a spot your size also! Just have one item to sell? Not a problem. Large or small we welcome it all!

If you have jars of homemade pickles, jams and jellies, sounds delish! Fresh Garden items disappear quickly. Vendors with authentic breakfast burritos, homemade baked goods are needed! Let’s showcase our best cooking! Singles that cook, put on your white blouse or shirt and let your culinary skills do the talking! NO cake mix cupcakes or other shortcut baked goods are our wish.

If you have boxes of smaller items and vintage clutter, you may just want to put junk in your trunk and sell out of your car. Selling from pick up truck bed or from inside your van works too! 50 cent, quarter and dollar per item boxes are usually popular. What works for you works for us, as long as you clean up when you exit.

Crafters and artists we would love to see you at 183FLEA!

It’s your opportunity to make cash without spending any money on rent or commission!

You see everything at Mile High Flea Market in Denver. We are hoping for a comparable variety at 183FLEA!

If you are an Antique Dealer, fill out the registration form today! All dealers are invited to sell for free at 183FLEA. Spread the word about this fabulous opportunity.

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