A Flea Named Sue invites you to 183FLEA Market and Comstock Windmill Festival

For 2019 183Flea Market is held June 13 14 and 15 in conjunction with one of central Nebraska biggest events, The Windmill Festival! On the whole, SUE the FLEA prefers music’s big dog, good old Country Western music over all other genres! Long story short, after multiple bites from the flea, John and Cindee Haddix finally woke up. The flea is right! In the first place, Sargent’s a short 9 miles west of Comstock. Secondly, tor 3 days the tiny town of Comstock attracts followers from all over the Midwest. Finally, the first concert of each night starts at 6PM. Definitely, ample time available for JUNKinSargent. Come visit multiple antiques stores and 183FLEA Market before heading to the Windmill Festival. All things considered, moving 183FLEA Market to the exact same dates as the Windmill Festival is the logical move.

Why is the flea called Sue?

In fact, the cute flea’s father was a Cash. Father Flea, John Wayne Cash named his first born son, Sue after Mother Flea died in fleabirth. The model pictured in the 183FLEA Market logo is a boy flea named Sue.  Sue Cash. the 183FLEA offers free Junk Jaunt® rent  to any and all vendors selling June 13 14 and 15. 183 Flea Market presents the best deal ever offered in the history of the Junk Jaunt. If this deal disappoints, we offer free descendants from our famous Cash family.

Sellers earn Cash complements of Sue the 183Flea, Earthjunk, Abbott Antiques and Sargent Chamber of Commerce. Buyers save Cash as the parking and admission at 183Flea Market is free.

How do country western and 183 Flea Market go together?

Once upon a time, Junkin and Singin the blues belonged to country folks exclusively. Poor folks struggled to make ends meet; they went to garage sales, flea markets, auctions and other secondary markets to save money. Similarly, Country Western music origins are found in the folk music sung by working class folks to make the trials and hardships of their life easier to bear. Searching for treasures and listening to this type of music is not for just hicks and hillbillies anymore. Both venues are popular and enjoy a wide array of followers.

Sargent and Comstock Nebraska are the epitome of country living at its very best  Celebrate the country life! Attend 183FLEA Market June 13 14  and 15.

Click here to see which Comstock Festival singer Sue has a crush on! Picture in the post is of the Windmill Festival. Visit us here to see more pictures of the Sargent Antique Stores.