Your Sandhills Road Trip June 13 14 15 includes a stop in Sargent

First of all, before heading to the Windmill Festival, Shop Sargent! 183Flea Market & Antique Spree opens at  9AM all three days. The Antique Spree offers inside shopping at a number of stores. In particular, one Antique store, sponsors 183Flea Market & Antique Spree. Abbott Antiques pays for the cost associated with 183 Flea Market. Abbott Antiques is located 4 blocks west of the Flea Market on Main Street. 417 413 and 409 Main Street contain Abbott Antiques inventory.  Please support our 183 Sponsor, Abbott Antiques. (if not with a purchase, a like on the facebook link is a great  boost) Thank you for liking Abbott Antiques on Facebook.

On the whole, Abbott’s authentic restoration represents John and Cindee’s quality standards. Likewise, the other Antique Stores in Sargent reflect each owner’s individuality. Therefore, all stores in The Antique Capital of Nebraska are one of a kind with different styles of decor and inventory. As a bonus, a  small 6 city blocks rectangular area contains the inside shopping. Many shoppers park and walk to all the stores. Plan now to get started on your Christmas shopping at this gift filled venue. In summary, easy to find & fun to shop!

183 Flea Market is a fun Sandhills event June 13 14 15

Second, The outdoors open air 183Flea Market located in front of Earthjunk’s online furniture warehouse hosts a variety of vendors.  Google Earthjunk or 201 S US HWY 183 to find 183Flea Market. Definitely, this large building is next to impossible to miss on your Sargent road trip because of its size. Should your Sargent Road Trip result in hunger pangs, two local restaurants, Mr. Rudy’s and The Ritz, are both also on HWY 183. The 183Flea Market is between both restaurants.

Sargent Road Trip Preparations

Prior to leaving home, prepare for your fun-filled Sandhills road trip. To summarize, the following list provides recommendations for your Sargent Road Trip.

  1. Bug Spray
  2. Sun Screen
  3. Wide Brimmed Hat (s) The Nook and Abbott Antiques have hats for sale!
  4. Large shopping tote
  5. Cardboard box(es)
  6. Newspaper or Bubble Wrap
  7. Blankets to wrap rusty & dusty primitives in to keep your car clean
  8. Big car or truck not the BMW M3
  9. Comfortable shoes. If gravel and sand inside your sandals sounds unpleasant wear closed shoes or pack socks.
  10. Umbrella or raincoat
  11. Big Purse
  12. Checkbook
  13. Cash
  14. Credit Car
  15. Lip Gloss
  16. Moisturizer

Finally, we look forward to meeting you June 13  14 and 15!  Enter Sargent as a stranger, leave as a friend!

Hint: Should your arrive without essentials Sargent has a large newly remodeled grocery store. Comstock does not.  Purchase your must haves from Sargent Corner Market!