The Antique Spree At 183 Flea Market

The Antique Spree & 183 Flea Market  plusThe Comstock Windmill Festival occurs June 13 14 15 in the scenic Nebraska Sandhills. This popular double duo is the must see and do event of June! As an example, the population in the ten mile span between Comstock and Sargent soars! During The Antique Spree at 183 Flea Market Country Western fans and Antique aficionados flee the city to enjoy windmills, sunsets, music and treasure hunting in the Antique Capitol of Nebraska. Certainly, one should plan to spend the day! The Antique Spree at 183 Flea Market is a daytime event running from 9AM to 5PM. The Windmill Festival Concerts start later in the day and continues into the night. For more details about the Windmill Festival schedule click this link.

The Antique Spree is DownTown Sargent

The Antique Spree is anchored by established businesses owned  by predominantly women. These inside business are known as The Antique Capitol of Nebraska. Similarly, Sargent has been titled, “The Tiny Town in Nebraska That’s Absolute Heaven if you love Antiquing”  Certainly, terms like Heaven, Mecca, Paradise, and Spree are  appropriate due to the wide variety of items offered at more than 10 locations. No matter the adjective, the large amount of inside shopping available at the Antique Spree make this event worth the drive from anywhere. Furthermore, most customers shop during the EVERY SATURDAY Summer Season which starts May 1 and runs until November 1. This aforementioned time frame is the busiest time of year! The Antique Spree at 183 Flea Market is one of 3 major events during the Summer Season. For sure, Country Western concert goers must save time to Shop Sargent before attending the Windmill Festival in Comstock..

Hours of Operation

The hours of the 183 Flea Market are 9AM to 5PM June 13 14 15. The hours of the inside shopping at The Antique Spree will vary by store owner. Each Sargent Antique Store Owner has a shop that is unique with their own hours. The front page of lists the phone number for each store location. Consequently, customers are encouraged to call their favorite store directly to check on their hours of operation. In summary, the worker bees of 183 Flea have 14 days left to complete the many tasks involved with The Antique Spree and 183 Flea Market and are unable to contact each owner individually for you

The Antique Spree 183 Flea Market Sponsors

The Antique Spree & 183 Flea Market are 100% Free. There is no charge for either buyers or sellers. Hence, the sponsors of this event donate their time to this large event. The 2019 Antique Spree at 183 Flea Market sponsors are April Kitt, John and Cindee Haddix.  Sponsors donate time or money. In a like manner, many time intensive jobs are completed by April Kitt, the owner of the Nook at 305 Main Street. For sure, time is money. April Kitt has heavily invested in both years of 183 Flea Market.  Additionally, The Sargent Chamber of Commerce made a 300 dollar donation to 183 Flea. Secondly. John and Cindee Haddix’s main business, Earthjunk has donated over $2000.00 to date for the 2019 The Antique Spree at 183 Flea Market. Earthjunk is located at 201 S. US HWY 183.  Earthjunk’s large business set up hosts 183 Flea Market each year. Located right on a major highway vendors at The 183 Flea Market have maximum exposure. Some 183 Flea Vendors chose to set up at their own home /garage in Sargent. Other out of area vendors choose to be next to an Antique Store Downtown. Third, KNLV Radio in Ord has been a generous supporter of 183 Flea Market in its first two years.