183 Flea Market Has Free Shady Spots!

Would you love to sell at a Flea Market but can not stand the thought of baking in the sun?

Do you take medication that prevents extended periods of sunshine?

Do you think the only option with Flea  Market selling is sun, sun and more sun?

In the first place, at 183 Flea Market some vendors opt for our north area, which has lots of shade!  Second, the shady spots are free. Furthermore, the shady spots can be yours again at the Nebraska Junk Jaunt Sept 26 26 28 and 29th. ..Wow! No charge during the Junk Jaunt either! Furthermore, vendors have their choice of how many days they would like to sell. Sell one two or all three days – your choice during the Windmill Festival 183Flea Market. The Junk Jaunt 183Flea Market involves 4 free days as Sargent is the Early Bird Headquarters and starts one day early. 7 selling days at 183 Flea Market for 2019, our second year. Three days during  the Comstock Windmill Festival. Four days during the Nebraska Junk Jaunt.  As a matter of fact, you can not beat the free shady spots at 183 Flea Market.

If you like the sun and prefer to be right next to the highway 183 Flea will put you there  if that’s where you want to be.

What is the deadline for the free 183Flea Market?

There is no deadline. We have many vendors waiting to see what the forecast brings June 13 14 and 15. Vendors check in ends at 10 AM each morning. You can arrive the day of your choosing. The lot at 201 S US HWY 183 is huge. Come one – come all!