All vendors choose their number of free days.

Wow! One day only free vendor spots available! 183Flea Market  & Antique Festival Vendors that partake in the free rent have many booking options available. Granted that life is busy, vendors choose the number of days that work for their life schedule. Whatever works for you works for us. John and Cindee Haddix are offer flexibility to meet their vendors needs. The 183 Flea Market and Antique Festival occurs on the exact same days as the Comstock Windmill Festival, June 13, 14 & 15! 183Flea Market is on the same 3 days in the hope that Country Music enthusiastis will save time for Shopping in Sargent at the 183Flea Market and down town Antique Stores.

With the “life is busy” concept in mind, Sellers can sell one day only. Similarly, Vendors may sell 2 days only. The 2 days may be back to back or vendors may sell Thursday and Saturday  skipping Friday.  At the same time, other vendors are setting up and selling all 3 days. Some Vendors bring their RV and hang out all 3 days. Additionally, other three day Vendors camp at the City of Sargent Campgrounds conveniently located in Sargent. If campings your thing, call the City of Sargent at 308-527-4200. Equally important,  no matter how many rent free days you choose, all vendors sign up here!

Sargent has two restaurants available for 183Flea Market Vendors and Buyers. The Ritz is just north of 183 Flea Market within a quick walking distance. Mr. Rudy’s is just south, also within easy walking distance. Both Mr. Rudy’s Beer Garden and The Ritz can be seen from the 210 US HWY 183 Flea Market Headquarters. Trotter’s Whoa and Go, has pizza and other food items if you are in a rush. Trotters is 4 blocks north.

All Vendors have the same Check in Procedure

As a matter of fact, All 183Flea Market vendors, one day only free vendor spots, two days only free seller spaces or three days all 100% rent free participants have the same check in process. To be specific, All vendors ENTER on Center. After you turn on Center make an immediate left, the men with the clipboard will tell you where to park. The men will be wearing 183Flea Market T Shirts. Center is at the end of Earthjunk’s 201 S US HWY 183 parking lot and before the Sargent swimming pool!

In a similar fashion, The Comstock Windmill Festival fans have attendance options. Country Western fans buy tickets to meet their lifestyle Nonetheless, whatever your schedule, you will want to save time to Shop Sargent!  Furthermore, 183Flea Market – Antique Festival buyers have Free admission and Free parking.

Two must book and look events

In summary, this Nebraska Sandhills two event weekend June 13 14 15 is a must book and look addition to your calendar. 183Flea Market / Antique Festival & the Comstock Windmill Festival offer visitors tons of fun in a 10 mile radius. See you in Sargent & Comstock June 13 14 and 15!