183FLEA Market offers free rent.  No rent for dealers and all other vendors during the Nebraska Junk Jaunt®

The 2019 Junk Jaunt® is held Sept 27, 28, 29. One of the most frequented towns for Junkin is Sargent Nebraska. Sargent is the Center of the Junk Jaunt and known as the Early Bird Headquarters. The whole town of Sargent opens up one day early! Customers roll in on Thursday. Sargent has more than ten inside year round antique stores plus additional repeat vendors at Thompson’s Treasures. 183FLEA Market is looking for new dealers/vendors to add to the JunkINSargent fun. Sargent is one of the best towns for vendors and dealers due to the heavy traffic this well known junkin findin searchin location provides.

What could be better than free Junk Jaunt rent in Sargent?

In fact, Free Junk Jaunt® rent is the best deal ever offered in the history of the Junk Jaunt. If you find a better deal, email me and I will eat my green “Sell at 183 Flea Junk Jaunt is FREE” t shirt!  Moreover, the T Shirt is green because 183FLEA Market saves you some serious greenbacks by giving you a great spot.  We want the best junkin market to be Sargent!  Flee your old spot you rented in some other town. Flee to 183FLEA Market where the rent is free and discover JunkINSargent! Take advantage of the rent free Junk Jaunt® spots and sign up now!

How do you get your free spot?

To get your exact same spot back for the Nebraska Junk Jaunt® you must set up and sell  at the first 2019 183FLEA the end of June. The first 183FLEA Market is June 13 14  and 15. The owners of 183FLEA have multiple inside stores to operate during the Junk Jaunt®. We need repeat dealers/vendors to pull into their exact same spot from June, unload and start selling! 183FLEA Market has two dates for 2019. Either way, both 2019 183FLEA Market events are free. Attend 183Flea in June and you have a rent free spot for the Nebraska Junk Jaunt!