First Annual 183FLEA Market in Sargent, Nebraska needs Vendors!

183Flea Market begins June 29 but dealers and vendors may arrive as early as June 27 to set up. The purpose of 183 Flea is to Thank all Nebraskans that visit the scenic Sandhills and Shop Sargent Antique Stores. U are the most important part of “Us”

Earthjunk & Abbott Antiques are giving away Free Spaces to Anyone that would like to earn cash by selling on busy HWY 183.

Mile High Flea Market in Denver Co is great fun.183FLEA Market is the start of building something awesome like Mile High Flea Market. Take your June calendar and mark off at least one day to visit 183FLEA.

All Vendors sell for free. Antique Dealers are included. Everyone is invited to come sell their merchandise in a area as large as you need.