All Singles attending 183Flea are invited to wear white and meet someone nice in a safe small town setting.

Mr. Rudy’s is the 183FLEA Market headquarters for Singles. Mr Rudy’s has specials all 3 days of 183Flea Market! Friday night Mr. Rudy will have a Happy Hour 5 to 7PM. Saturday night Mr. Rudy’s has live music by Jake Kloefkorn starting between 8 and 9 PM.

Anyone posting selfies can win one of 4 $50.00 dollar prizes. Rules posted on a blog later today and on the store front with the selfie contest.

183Flea is trying to give nice Nebraska singles an alternative method to meet someone great!

We would love the White T shirt idea to take off and be adopted at other daytime open festivals and events so singles can easily spot each other and know who to approach.

This idea came about because I have 2 lovely kind pretty single girl friends over 35 that struggle with meeting Mr. Right.  My husband has 4 great guy friends that have difficulty finding that special lady. 183Flea has a easy solution. Wear white and meet someone nice in person. Striking up a casual conversation in public is much better than talking online and going on an endless first meet at some restaurant without an easy escape. Come with a group of friends and they can help you find Mr. Right and leave you alone when you say your secret code word agreed upon during your lovely drive to 183Flea.

Forget Me Not Shoppe, owned by Jackie Roper (Sargent Chamber of Commerce President)  is selling roses for 3 dollars each for singles wanting to present a rose like on the Bachelor or Bachelorette.

In addition to Mr. Rudy’s, local churches are inviting singles that find each other Friday or Saturday, to give their relationship  a great start at attending church together. Marty Robbins of the Church of Christ in Sargent will have a love themed sermon Sunday July 1 from 10:45 to 11:45. The Methodist Church would love to see singles in attendance at their service from 9 to 10AM. Other Sargent churches would be glad to see new faces – this blogger ran out of time and was not able to contact each and every church.

Give love a chance, put on a white blouse or shirt and attend 183 Flea Market in Sargent June 29, 30 and July 1.